Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and what a year it is going to be!!

It is January 1st 2010, and I have fortunately had a very relaxing Christmas break time. I teach Summer School in Tauranga January 11 - 22, which will be intense, but also very rewarding. Then:....

Project One
I am now doing final preparation for the upcoming 8 to 80 concert, which is occurring during the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival. I am going to need to prepare cds for Glee Club to learn music, as I have a trip of 10 days to Australia during our preparation time for the concert on February 26th. Primary schools are back in after the summer on February 2nd , and we will need to have at least three rehearsals with the girls and the adults together, possibly one just getting to know each other and singing for each other, so that the girls especially will be aware of how well the Glee Club can sing.

None of our photos were used for the brochure, and that is fine. For future occasions we will be proactive and make sure that we have images of high enough definition to be used for such events.
The Festival programme can be viewed here. Click on February 26th and you will see the concert advertised.

Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival

Project Two
I have had verbal agreement from Ryman Health that they will fund a year-long programme in their Edmund Hillary Village in Auckland, under my direction. I will visit the village and recruit people into the 'choir'. I will advertise and 'audition' a prospective leader for the group. I will share the programme guidelines with that person, and be available to help with repertoire, music etc. I will set up the clinical measures to be taken prior to the group commencing, and endeavour to match each participant to a non-participant in the village so that we have a comparison group. I will ensure that group participants are recruited to take on various leadership roles.I will visit the group monthly and then bi-monthy to offer encouragement and any other help, suggestions or arrangements that are appropriate.

My eldest son, who is a businessman, is advising me in the negotiations for this so that the best outcomes happen: for Ryman Health, for the participants at Edmund Hillary Retirement Complex, and for my ongoing work in this field, which is currently unique in New Zealand.

Project three
I must not forget my community choir, the Hamilton Chorale, as rehearsals commence again with them on February 10th and they need a new repertoire. The theme for the first concert is Celtic Music, which will definitely be fun!

My Mentors
I am grateful to have appointments next week with both of my two mentors: Professor Bevan Grant, who was my professor in my masters paper during the first semester 2009, and has been working in the gerontology field for decades, and Professor Stephen Clift of the Sidney de Haan Centre in England. I have spoken of Stephen before. As stated on the centre's website: "the primary aim of the Sidney de Haan Research Centre is to promote the value of Music and the arts for the wellbeing and health of individuals and communities."

Sidney de Haan Research Centre