Saturday, June 25, 2011

Commercially Sensitive

I enjoyed writing that post title, as I am now in serious negotiations with a company.

Initial meeting was to occur at the RVA conference, but that ended up not being possible.

Meeting was set up for 3.45 yesterday (Friday June 24th), but by 4.30 and no-show, and with guidance from my business wise, and savvy, business manager, I 'pursued' my appointment eventually to the Hamilton airport, and had a very productive 30 minutes.

Thanks again to my business manager's direction, Matt Jackson I had a lot of paperwork already prepared, so talked generally, and left him all the paperwork to peruse, either on the plane or back at his home base. Having missed my presentation at the RVA conference, I had it on my memory stick on my keyring, and it was downloaded to his computer to view, complete with all video.

I look forward to the ongoing dialogue. Life is good :-)

RVA Conference feedback.

Dear Julie

A quick note to thank you very much for your outstanding presentation to our conference last week. The feedback has been universally positive and it seems that people actually enjoyed having a singalong as part of it! I also hope that you will get some new business from the event because, having been part of the Wellington Orpheus for years, there’s no doubt that choirs benefit residents (and everyone).

I would be grateful if you could send me a copy of your presentation please as the technician didn’t actually keep a copy.

Thanks once again for your part in making our event the success it was.

Kind regards

John Collyns
Executive Director
Retirement Villages Association
P O Box 25-022
Panama St

The RVA Conference, June 13 - 15, Langham Hotel.

I drove to Auckland to arrive, after the rush-hour, on Tuesday, Some excellent presentations:

1. The National Bank chief economist, who was able to paint a picture of slow improvement, such as the fact that external debt has dropped from 92% of GDP to 80%.

2.from Colin James, and very astute political commentator who has called 13 of the last 14 general election party results correctly. He was not wiling to call this weekend's Te Tai Tokerau election.

3. Diana Crossan the Retirement commissioner, who became somewhat controversial with the presentation of a research report that was plainly flawed, as evidenced by the president of the Retirement Villages association, after Diana's presentation.

4.Cam Ansell, from the Australian RVA association. New Zealand is much lest regulated that Australia.Proportion of people in retirement villages in Australia=5% in the USA=12%

Cam also introduced the U-bend of happiness which is an interesting read, as this re-enforced the presentation I missed first thing on Tuesday, where the speaker was talking about the fact that the only thing that matters is how happy people are.

Wednesday started with a gifted speaker
1. Amanda Stevens talking about marketing to women. An entertaining and very informative presentation, I would be happy to hear her speak again.
2. Jeremy Simpson on investing in retirement living. His bottom line was that people are prepared to pay for quality.

My presentation @ 2.30p.m. followed on from some rather dry presentations and went as well as I could possibly have expected. In addition to getting all of my material across, including video of participants' comments, and video of the Hilda Ross Glee Club's performance level from initial standard in 2006, to the 8 - 80 showstoppers concert in February this year. I concluded with getting them all to stand and sing, and the feedback given via conference feedback was that they enjoyed the chance to sing!!

My next post will be John Collyns feedback email to me. It was a MOST worthwhile event for me!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday June 10th

Excellent session this morning with the Vision Forest Lake group, nearly 20 of them this morning. We are planning a concert for August 19th at 4.30, to which both village residents and members of the public will be invited.
I am excited about this group, because they are already singing in parts as they choose, and in a small part of improvisation today, some were able to harmonise very nicely. There were five good male singers as well, I am not sure what the total is as it was only my second session with them.
They are eminently teachable, and today we talked about posture and how it improves breathing, and sense of well-being, along with singing on vowels and not rushing to the end consonant.
They will definitely be the choir on which I will be able to trial and record some of my compositions, and now that I have a group to focus on the composing will move on quite considerably. The recordings and scores will then be on their way to Roy Ernst in the New Horizons organisation, who told me that there were no compositions for this era of choral singers.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

An excellent week

On Friday I had my first session with the Senior Singers at Vision Forest Lake. A small group of about 12 were there, with winter illnesses etc keeping some away. I will be working to recruit more singers, especially with the changed rehearsal time from Monday to Friday.

On Thursday I had the first session with the young woman I met in the Uni cafe, it went well, and I will enjoy working with her. I popped into the same cafe two days ago (using up $1 coffee vouchers) and met up with Carl who used to sing in the Tauhara Consort at Tauhara College about 20yrs ago. He is now on the Faculty in Education, and had make murmurs about singing lessons before I left last year. He will start July 1st.

I did some more work this week on sorting out my home studio, and am pleased with how that is going.

But the crowning event for the week was the letter I received this morning. It reads as follows:

Dear Julie
I write to extend our thanks for your enthusiasm, and encouragement in the establishment of our Senior Singers group 18 months ago. From the time of your visit in 2009 the group has grown "like a mushroom", from 8 - 12, to 35 dedicated members (including 4 basses and 3 tenors).

You will be pleased to hear the choir received the Award for Arts and Culture in the Waipa/Trustpower Community Services awards recently, together with a framed certificate and a generous cheque, which has been a lifeline, financially.

There have been great reports of health benefits, particularly of course respiratory problems & memory/concentration enhancement.

We appreciate your participation in the founding of a most enjoyable musical & social activity for older people in our community.

Sincere Regards
Glenys Waterhouse F.T.C.L.
Regards also from Helen Lloyd (piano)

If you click on "St Andrew's Senior Singers" in the labels, you will find out the event to which Glenys refers :-)