Friday, July 16, 2010

Interview with Hilda Ross Manager

Today I went to interview the manager at Hilda Ross abut the Glee Club.

I asked her what she thought the effect of the Glee Club was in the village.

Her response was that she is fully supportive of the activity, and see the benefits to the participants as follows:
  • Enjoyment is evident
  • Companionship is apparent
  • Health benefits (breathing, posture, brain function)
  • A structured activity that they look forward to
  • Cognitive skills are enhanced, through learning music (and the right-left brain effect of engaging actively in music making)
  • The Hilda Ross Glee Club has a good profile in the wider Hamilton Community, which reflects well on the village
  • The residents always greatly enjoy the Glee Club concerts.

Hilda Ross Glee Club winter concert

Yesterday 30 singers came to rehearse and then put on a 45 minute concert for their friends and family. It was the first time we have had 30 at a concert. Although there are 31 on the roll, there are always people away, on vacation, or at a funeral, or in hospital. This time they were all there which was great!

We were also able to sing some of our songs with parts of the Glee Club, so the men sang a song by themselves, and in another song they sang a verse by themselves. At the beginning of another song How are things in Glocca Morra two of the women sang the first phrase, and two other women sang the second phrase, and then all of the women joined in for the main part of the song; it was lovely.

Once again those listening said that they sounded better than last time, they are going from strength to strength. Their vocal range is increasing, the women can easily sing up to the G an octave and a half above middle c, (but not too often). Some tell me that they mouth when they think it is too high, but invariably they join in when they see the women sitting either side singing the higher notes.

Mike Downey, one of the residents, very kindly took multiple video clips of the concert, which will be used in my presentation to the CEO of Ryman.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Business proposal

I have just spent the weekend with a very helpful business consultant who has managed to direct me in the right ways to put a proposal to Ryman Healthcare, for them to take on my Glee Club model for their company and to roll it out into all of their villages.

My points of difference, and my data over the last four years are strong, comparing well with their current exercise programme called Triple A, and the business plan is that they pay for outcomes rather than taking me on staff. My consultant is also willing to accompany me to the presentation to Ryman CEO, when it is ready to go and I have the appointment. He has suggested that I need to make it by mid-September, so that it can go through the company's decision-making in time to commence in February 2011.

My current conundrum is that I think I am going to be working even more next year than I have this year, but it will all be my choice, and it will all be in areas where there is room for exponential growth. Is this truly a problem? I think not.

Btw my clever business consultant is my son Matthew, and he truly amazes me with his knowledge and and perception, both of my business, and business practice.

Matt Jackson

Friday, July 2, 2010

Possibilities are multiplying!

On Thursday morning, July 1st I had a singing session with second-year MMP students (MMP stands for Mixed Media Presentation, and the students have a week on campus three times a year and do the rest of their learning online).

I gave them all one of my new business cards, and talked about what I am planning to do: retirement setting choirs, and singing lessons. The question came up about teaching singing via skype, and that is what I wanted to do about five years ago, but the technology was not up to it, so of course I said yes! From there it led to working with school choirs in country areas, where access to expertise is not possible, so the strands to my work for 2011 are getting more and more varied.

By the end of the weekend, the basics of my new business website will be up and running. To think that the first inkling of potential redundancy only arose a month ago leaves me breathless, so much has happened already!