Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Business proposal

I have just spent the weekend with a very helpful business consultant who has managed to direct me in the right ways to put a proposal to Ryman Healthcare, for them to take on my Glee Club model for their company and to roll it out into all of their villages.

My points of difference, and my data over the last four years are strong, comparing well with their current exercise programme called Triple A, and the business plan is that they pay for outcomes rather than taking me on staff. My consultant is also willing to accompany me to the presentation to Ryman CEO, when it is ready to go and I have the appointment. He has suggested that I need to make it by mid-September, so that it can go through the company's decision-making in time to commence in February 2011.

My current conundrum is that I think I am going to be working even more next year than I have this year, but it will all be my choice, and it will all be in areas where there is room for exponential growth. Is this truly a problem? I think not.

Btw my clever business consultant is my son Matthew, and he truly amazes me with his knowledge and and perception, both of my business, and business practice.

Matt Jackson

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