Friday, July 2, 2010

Possibilities are multiplying!

On Thursday morning, July 1st I had a singing session with second-year MMP students (MMP stands for Mixed Media Presentation, and the students have a week on campus three times a year and do the rest of their learning online).

I gave them all one of my new business cards, and talked about what I am planning to do: retirement setting choirs, and singing lessons. The question came up about teaching singing via skype, and that is what I wanted to do about five years ago, but the technology was not up to it, so of course I said yes! From there it led to working with school choirs in country areas, where access to expertise is not possible, so the strands to my work for 2011 are getting more and more varied.

By the end of the weekend, the basics of my new business website will be up and running. To think that the first inkling of potential redundancy only arose a month ago leaves me breathless, so much has happened already!

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