Monday, June 28, 2010

From Bertram, aged 83

Bertram appears in the photo with Jessie. They are two of the three octegenarians in the Hamilton Chorale.

I am glad to report that you took special effort to convince me that I could sing in tune, and have taken discrete steps to ensure that I had a strong singer next to me. I have the highest regard for your musical and educational abilities, and knowledgeable friends confirm that under your leadership, Hamilton Chorale has improved its tone and musicality.

I have also been approached by the Eastside Singers, (where Bertram is also a member) who are a choir of retirees. They have been, up until now, conducted by one of their own. They want me to consider conducting and training them in 2011. Given the lead-up to that time, I am hoping that they will be able to apply for some funding to pay me a reasonable allowance for this weekly responsibility.

It also raises the prospect of growing the choir considerably, with getting some of the people from the over 60s group (see my post on April 1st 2010) who want to sing, to join. So many possibilities, it is continuing to be exciting!

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