Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday June 10th

Excellent session this morning with the Vision Forest Lake group, nearly 20 of them this morning. We are planning a concert for August 19th at 4.30, to which both village residents and members of the public will be invited.
I am excited about this group, because they are already singing in parts as they choose, and in a small part of improvisation today, some were able to harmonise very nicely. There were five good male singers as well, I am not sure what the total is as it was only my second session with them.
They are eminently teachable, and today we talked about posture and how it improves breathing, and sense of well-being, along with singing on vowels and not rushing to the end consonant.
They will definitely be the choir on which I will be able to trial and record some of my compositions, and now that I have a group to focus on the composing will move on quite considerably. The recordings and scores will then be on their way to Roy Ernst in the New Horizons organisation, who told me that there were no compositions for this era of choral singers.

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