Saturday, June 25, 2011

Commercially Sensitive

I enjoyed writing that post title, as I am now in serious negotiations with a company.

Initial meeting was to occur at the RVA conference, but that ended up not being possible.

Meeting was set up for 3.45 yesterday (Friday June 24th), but by 4.30 and no-show, and with guidance from my business wise, and savvy, business manager, I 'pursued' my appointment eventually to the Hamilton airport, and had a very productive 30 minutes.

Thanks again to my business manager's direction, Matt Jackson I had a lot of paperwork already prepared, so talked generally, and left him all the paperwork to peruse, either on the plane or back at his home base. Having missed my presentation at the RVA conference, I had it on my memory stick on my keyring, and it was downloaded to his computer to view, complete with all video.

I look forward to the ongoing dialogue. Life is good :-)

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