Thursday, August 26, 2010

I got the scholarship!!!

I have just received an email from Professor Roy Ernst telling me that I have been awarded one of the five US$2000 scholarships to visit New Horizons groups in the United States. I am very excited about this, more for the opportunity to link in with an organisation that is working in the same area, music with retired people to enrich their lives, but also for the money that will make my USA travel more comfortable.

It will certainly make my time in the USA more structured, but that is going to be great!
I will add to this post when I know more about my plans....

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Kathleen said...

Congratulations, what wonderful news! I look forward to reading all about your adventures, and the fantastic impact it'll have on your work back here in the future :)

Best wishes for your last few weeks at the University too, the place certainly won't be the same without you!