Thursday, October 7, 2010

More progress

My website is almost ready to go public. Note to others who decide to try and design their own web-page for the first time: How much is your time worth, and how much are you prepared to waste before asking for help????

I have a colleague who is a musician (we have played duo and dueling pianos together, on a number of occasions) who is also a web designer and he has done an excellent job for a very reasonable price. Tozan Delman is someone I would be very happy to recommend for this task.

My webpage address is and there you will be able to see about my company, about what I am offering, plus a link back to here to get updates on my activities.

I have a phone conference planned for next Tuesday with a retirement provider. Watch this space.....

On a more personal note, I have seven farewells planned for next week.
  1. My family are coming for the weekend from Auckland and New Plymouth to say goodbye
  2. My Arts colleagues here at the Faculty of Education, Waikato University are taking me out to lunch Monday
  3. My church homegroup is taking me out to dinner Tuesday night.
  4. I present my final performance at 12@12 Wednesday midday to colleagues and students
  5. My Faculty formal farewell is Wednesday afternoon 4:30
  6. The Hilda Ross Glee Club are taking me out for coffee after our final rehearsal next Thursday
  7. My final class next Friday are giving me a poroporoaki (formal farewell).
There is a bit of a sense of attending my own funeral. Why do we not say these things to each other at normal times, instead of waiting for special occasions??

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Matt said...

What an amazing week and then off to Europe to see the international trends in gerontology and the health benefits.