Monday, May 23, 2011

Business is Growing

Last week I met with the leaders of the Senior Singers at the Vision Forest Lake retirement village, and I will be taking over the musical directions of this ensemble at the beginning of June. This will be exciting, as they will be able to be the trial group for the compositions that I want to write for publication via the New Horizons network in the USA. Already in this group the members enjoy singing in parts, so the music can be a little challenging, as well as being entertaining and enjoyable.

On June 13th I am presenting at the Retirement Villages Association Annual Conference, to 150 - 200 village owners, managers, and developers. My business manager will be there with me, and I will be able to take evidence from both of my New Zealand village based choirs, as well as evidence gathered from my time in the USA and in England.

Last week I took on another singing student (actually two sister, 10 & 13, who are coming for lessons together) and today I met up, by pure chance with another potential new singing student.

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