Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A new year, and much to report.

I have just received an email from Jeanne Kelly of the Encore Chorale organisation, asking for my six songs, and offering to send a cheque straight away. How exciting is that!! Now to check them all very carefully, and make sure that they are good publishable state, and then send them off. The titles are:
1. No more meetings
2. We're SKI-ing (spending the kid's inheritance)
3. Shh it's a secret
4. Grey Nomads
5. The revenge of the grandchildren
6. The Bucket list

I have decided to sell them at $1 per copy and $5 for the set of six. The theory is: if the price is good, then it does not pay to 'not' pay :-)

The local Home School Choir has asked me to work with them during the first term on singing technique, so I will be starting that on February 7th and will enjoy working with those interesting young people.

My advertising in Facebook has been incredible. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to reach a wide audience. I am advertising for people to learn singing via Skype. My advert has appeared on Facebook pages in New Zealand an Australia over 100,000 times, but I do not pay unless someone clicks on the link, and the charge for that is between 20c and 35c. Since mid November, when the adverts first went up I have paid less than 1 hrs tuition fee, and it has resulted in one student thus far. I need to work more on what they see when they get to my website.

Backing tracks for the 12 songs for the 8 - 80 concert (that is happening on February 24th at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival) are my main project for the next few weeks. It is the most challenging use of Garageband that I have done so far, but each one will get easier, as I get better at selecting and editing the samples.

I am excited about the year and what it is going to bring.

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