Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Exciting new venture coming to fruition

I am very pleased to be spending time with my commercial manager, working on the website for my new venture "Singing for Seniors". In this programme, villages receive two CDs every two months with a new set of ten songs. There are two CDs: one with sing-a-long tracks and one with accompaniment only.

The website is  Please go and check it out. My commercial manager has built it, and put hours and hours of work into it. I am immensely proud of him (he being my eldest son, Matthew). He is a very astute business man, and of immeasurable worth to my business.

This programme grew out of the work that I had done with the Hilda Ross Glee Club, who I left, for commercial reasons,18 months ago. They had recorded their first CD, they had performed in 8 to 80 concerts, they had travelled to Auckland to sing at the sister Edmund Hillary village. They had sung a wider variety of songs, some easier songs, and some that really stretched them.

Since I left them, the repertoire has changed, and the song choices are now more aligned with the 1940/s and earlier. I have had them surveyed about their preference for song choice and the singers in the Glee Club (at that time there were 31 singers, many have left and the group is now much smaller) are unanimous (100%) in preferring the songs that are newer and more interesting. " I enjoyed the songs that we had to put work into, because then we could see the results. We need things to work on. The sense of achievement leaves us on a high" Pauline

The website is designed to inform individual villages, and companies who run retirement villages, about the programme. In working out the costing, it seems to me pretty obvious that villages that do not have singing can use this programme, and it is much cheaper than the costs for doing it themselves.

I am going into the recording studio to make the recordings. I wad going to use GarageBand, but was not happy with the quality of the recordings. This ha added significantly to the costs of the project, but the customers are getting a quality product, with consistently high standards of production maintained. At the same time I am supporting a local business:

who are being very supportive, and doing an excellent job of both recording and mixing my tracks.

The first orders go out this week, which is incredibly exciting. Not just in a business sense, but because I am so aware of how good singing is for people and how good it makes them feel, thus contributing markedly to their quality of life!!

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