Tuesday, March 4, 2014

75 in Wanganui

I was expecting 60 Diversional Therapists in Wanganui, but there were 75, including four who had driven down from Auckland! They came from Tauranga, and New Plymouth and Wellington. It was most exciting to work with the whole group.

We started with breathing, as that is one of the definite benefits of singing: improved oxygenation. At this point I had someone who tried to take over my workshop. She wanted the people to breathe into their backs, (totally valid for people standing, who have a well developed understanding of the extra breath that is available when expanding the floating ribs) and would not listen to the fact that I was modelling for seated people who could see what they were doing. I had her sing a song, that she suggested, and then was able to control her. She had a very nice voice, and entertained well. Needless to say I am not going to tell you her name :-)

I had duplicated the lyrics to four songs from the first disc, but the CD player that had been supplied was not loud enough for the space, and I was glad that there was a piano available, which I had set up, pulled away from the wall, at an angle, which made the sound bounce off the wall and fill the space.

I had the group set up the chairs against a solid wall as that is the most supportive place for singing. During the session, I asked half of them to experiment with singing in a space, and they noticed the difference straight away, they had to work much harder, and the sound disappeared into the space.

During question time I did not have the current prices available, but when the pastor of the Wanganui Central Baptist Church came in, I was able to get online. The church has a completely unhackable password, but I managed to get all 20 characters in, in the right order.

Many people said that they were going back to their site and going to sign up for the programme. I do hope that they take the graphic showing the brain when listening to music, and when singing, to their manager when they ask for funding.

FYI the do-it-yourself price is $9 a week with chance to cancel at any time, or $7 a week if locked in for 12 months.

To have access to the training for the diversional therapist and the manager it costs $15 a week to cancel at any time or $11 a week if locked in for 12 months.

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