Monday, March 8, 2010

Project 2

The project that involves setting a choir up at the Ryman Healthcare Edmund Hillary Complex in Auckland is still waiting on an Auckland tutor. The advertisement that I sent for the graduate students at Auckland University to consider got stuck with a faculty member who was on leave. It has now been posted to the graduate student email list and they have until March 20th to respond to me.

In the meantime I am able to put more head-space into project three, which is my Hamilton Chorale, and sort out the May 2nd/3rd concerts in Raglan and Hamilton. They are on a Celtic theme, and we are having a lot of fun working out what some of colloquial words are in the songs. Having resident Scots and Irish helps, also those who go away to find out.

I have an article due on April 1st about the 8 - 80 concert project, so that will keep me busy until March 20th at least. It has made it easier that the writing up is not overlapping with the setting up of project 2.

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