Monday, April 19, 2010

A special note from one of my Hamilton Chorale singers

Hello Julie
I need to let you know just how much I am enjoying being a new member of The Hamilton Chorale. I have wanted to join for some while, but due to other commitments have been unable to do so until this year. I can't wait to get there each week, then I am so 'high' when I get home I can't sleep. You are teaching me so much & that I am hugely grateful for, as I can then pass on this knowledge to a small group that I help out with at a retirement village. I have enjoyed singing for many years but felt that I was stuck and really not going anywhere, so you can imagine my joy at the wonderful things I am learning at each practice. I just feel thanks to your efforts that my voice is improving. Thank you so much.
Kind regards
Pat Simpson

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