Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Michelle & Elizabeth

Michelle came to her singing lesson, reporting that she had been hospitalised because of tightness in her chest and loss of breath when going up stairs. This had gone on for a week and was getting worse. She was put through a barrage of tests, including treadmill, and ecg.

Within 10 minutes of her arrival the chest pain had gone, and she was breathing naturally and efficiently. What I did was to get her to lie on the floor, with a book under her head (important, otherwise the head goes back too far and the throat closes), and just relax. We than chatted about what had happened for a few minutes, and then I got her to concentrate on the breath going 'into her abdomen'.  She realised that she had somehow got herself into upper torso breathing patterns, by lifting and lowering the ribcage that were unsatisfactory which had led to the tightness-of-chest pains, as it became more and more frustrating.

This is Elizabeth, in her own words
"After 65yrs with Chronic Brochierctasis and unable to sing, I've been able to take part in 3 choirs, thanks to Julie Jackson-Gough. The physiotherapist at Waikato Hospital was most impressed that someone suffering a lung condition would be able to sing, and recommended the activity as an excellent pursuit for improving breathing and keeping lungs expanded."

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